My name is Paul Graffam and I want to make
the web a more beautiful & innovative place.

My Work

Web Development - Sites that I have completed or worked on.

Programming - Some web applications or mobile games that I have created.

Graphic Design - Designs I have done in my spare time or while working as a graphic designer.

About Me

Hey, I'm Paul and I love making websites. I am capable of doing everything that's required, from design to development to deployment (although I probably prefer the front-end aspect the most). It gives me great joy to make something beautiful and then be able to put it up online for the world to see and experience. I'm also an avid programmer and as such I have created several web applications and I'm now getting into game development. As for myself, I grew up in Puerto Rico and Argentina before I came over to the States to study and then work. I am fluent in Spanish, love to travel and will one day hopefully make some music.

Skills & Proficiency:

Applications - Adobe Creative Suite, Visual Studio, SQL Server, CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Concrete5, ModX), Autodesk, Git, Sharepoint

Languages - XHTML & HTML5, CSS, Javascript & jQuery, Less & SASS, PHP, VB .Net, C#, Actionscript, SQL, XML, XSL

OS - Windows, Mac, maybe Linux one day

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